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Child Custody, Residency, and Parenting Plans

For most divorcing parents, or separated parents, some of the most important issues are those of child custody, residency, and parenting time. As a parent, you may worry about the well-being of your children and how they may be affected by the divorce or separation. I, Marcia Montgomery, practice family law exclusively and I am an experienced and well known Johnson County child custody lawyer. I work hard to protect your legal rights and to help you co-parent your children with the other parent after the legal proceeding is over.

The Kansas courts usually award both parents joint legal custody, which is the right to make major decisions concerning:

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Healthcare
  • Activities

The most contentious issues usually concern the residency and support of the child. Will the child reside primarily with the mother, primarily with the father, or will the child reside with each parent about half of the time ("shared residency")? What are the financial and emotional consequences for the child and for my client, of these different residency choices?

If the parents can cooperate and respect each other and the child's right to have time and an ongoing relationship with the other parent, then the issues of residency and support can often be resolved through negotiation or collaboration. Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to resolving family law and child custody issues through a series of four-way meetings with the two parents and their respective attorneys. If negotiation or collaboration is not appropriate in a particular case, then the issues must be resolved in court. As an experienced litigator, I can be the strong advocate you need with a record of proven success at trial.

Your Children's Best Interest is My Top Priority

I am an experienced Johnson County child custody attorney who has earned a reputation as a tough but reasonable negotiator and as a skilled and zealous advocate in the courtroom as I work to protect your rights and the best interest of the children.

I can answer your questions about the complex and emotionally charged issues of:

  • Child custody and residency
  • Modification of parenting plans
  • Relocation (move away) issues

At the Law Office of Marcia L. Montgomery, you will have a client friendly, focused, compassionate child custody lawyer, who will work hard to protect your rights while attempting to help you obtain a child-friendly relationship with the other parent. Contact me at (913) 717-0717 for a free initial consultation with an experienced and effective family and child custody lawyer.

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