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Collaborative Law is a cooperative process for resolving disputes associated with divorce, child custody, asset division, and child and spousal support in a non-confrontational manner and without court intervention.

How does Collaborative Divorce Process Work?

Each client is represented by his or her own attorney, who has received specialized training in negotiation, problem solving techniques, and cooperative strategies. The clients enter into a Participation Agreement committing to the collaborative law process where negotiated settlement is the primary objective. The Participation Agreement specifically excludes the threat of litigation.

In a Collaborative Law setting, the attorney's representation is for the primary purpose of assisting the client in reaching a comprehensive settlement of all issues in dispute.

Role of the Client in Collaborative Law Process
The Collaborative Law Process is a respectful, creative effort to meet the legitimate needs of both parties, replacing tactical bargaining backed by threats of litigation. The Collaborative Law process also provides for the joint selection of auxiliary professionals such as a parenting coach and a financial professional.

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