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At the Law Office of Marcia L. Montgomery, I take a focused, caring, personalized approach to your divorce. I do not tell you how to think or feel; instead, I listen to you, explain Kansas family law, and work with you to develop a plan to protect your legal and financial rights. I discuss the issues and strategies with you to try and help you get to the best results.

The major categories in most divorce cases include:

  • Division of property: All assets and debts acquired during the marriage must be divided. In Kansas, the law requires that the marital property be divided equitably, but whether "equitably" means 50-50 in your case depends on your particular facts. As a Overland Park divorce attorney, I help you assess all of the assets and debts of the marriage and work with you to protect your interests through tough negotiation or strong advocacy at trial.
  • Maintenance (spousal support): Maintenance (spousal support) is often awarded in divorce cases in Johnson County and in other Kansas courts. Whether maintenance will, in fact, be awarded, and if so how much, depends on several facts, such as the length of the marriage and the discrepancy between the gross incomes of husband and wife. I have the knowledge, experience, negotiation, and advocacy skills to protect your rights.
  • Child custody and support: I am a well-known and effective Overland Park child custody and child support attorney, who works with clients to help protect the client's rights and those of the client's child.

Each one of these categories has many issues and I am an experienced, caring, and effective advocate for my clients in all of these areas. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your divorce. Call me at (913) 717-0717 to discuss your concerns and see how I can help you with your unique issues.

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